What we do

Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. builds enterprise systems and provide state-of-the-art solutions for our parent company Verscend Technologies, Inc. located at Waltham, MA, US. Our main occupation is designing and developing top notch applications. Another key area of our expertise lies in Large Data Systems that supplements world-class decision support systems. We enable our parent company and its subsidiaries to gain competitive advantage by leveraging our wealth of technical expertise.

Catering research and development services Verscend Technologies, Inc.

Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an offshore development house for Verscend Technologies, Inc. Verscend Technologies, Inc.  is in the business of offering risk assessment services and decision analytics in fields like property/casualty insurance, reinsurance, mortgage, healthcare, government and corporate risk management.

We are involved in the design, development, testing and maintenance of impressive lineup of trend-setting products of Verscend Technologies, Inc. These products help customers protect people, property, and financial assets in the United States and around the world.

In other words, we are in the business of helping our parent company and its subsidiaries succeed in their businesses.


The Technology

Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to adopt ‘the latest and the greatest’ technologies to support the businesses. We conduct extensive research to affirm the best performing technologies to suit our needs. We are always on a look out for the emerging technologies and invest to upgrade to promising ones.

Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. does not confine its developers to a specific technology. They are provided with an opportunity to explore a range of programming languages and work on a ‘best- fit’ scheme that acts in the mutual benefit of both the company and the developers.